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Changes for version 0.025 - 2020-01-13

  • Added
    • Added full report fetching to the fetch command. Now you can populate an entire local database using the API!
    • Added a resultset method to get recent uploads to CPAN.
    • Added a relationship from a CPAN release to its report metrics (pass/fail/na/unknown counts) to make fetching those metrics easy.
    • Added a method to total up all release metrics by dist/version. We store metrics based on other criteria (stable/dev perl, for example), so we need to be able to collate them.
    • Added accessor methods for common parts of the test report to both the TestReport and Stats objects. These two objects have the same API now, so one can be substituted for the other with little difference (except the Stats object lacks the full text of the report).
  • Fixed
    • Fixed cpantesters-schema command for the initial deploy. The workaround for the primary database is no longer necessary.
    • Fixed the "fetch" command script's options parsing and added better error checking from the API.
    • Fixed duplicate test summaries being created for the same report.


Rex task configuration for CPANTesters Schema
Install, upgrade and examine the CPAN Testers database schema


Schema for CPANTesters database processed from test reports
Base module for importing standard modules, features, and subs
A cache of the latest version of a dist by author
Legacy user information from the Metabase
Metadata about Perl versions
Collected test report stats about a single CPAN release
A single test report reduced to a simple pass/fail
The basic statistics information extracted from test reports
Raw reports as JSON documents
Information about uploads to CPAN
Query Perl version metadata
Query the per-release summary testers data
Query the raw test reports
Query the CPAN uploads data