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Changes for version 0.04

  • The first much-or-less-stable release. ! lib/CSS/ ! lib/CSS/Janus/
    • Imp.: Changed $NON_ASCII to cover Unicode range.
    • Fix: CPAN RT #83423 (Google Code cssjanus issue #20): Exception is raised with "background: none;".
    • Imp.: Added pattern for functional color values, rgb(...) etc. to $COLOR.
    • Requires Perl >= 5.005 since qr{} operators and $10 placeholders are used.
  • ! Makefile.PL
    • Workaround for earlier ExtUtils::MakeMaker that doesn't have MY->cd().
    • Downgrade version of EU::MM to support Perl < 5.6.
    • Added MIN_PERL_VERSION item.
  • ! t/18bisBGPositionLength.t
    • Added tests


Flip direction of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)


Converts a left-to-right Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) into a right-to-left one


in lib/CSS/Janus/