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Changes for version 1.01

  • Add test for --delta option
  • Document --delta option
  • Add --gecos, --domain options patch supplied by Robin Hugh Johnson <>
  • Add --FSF option
  • Add test for -W option
  • Add --no-common-dir option patch supplied by Simon Josefsson <>
  • Exclude duplicate file information items from info lines
  • Add --show-tag option, tweak implementation of ignore-tag option Document both
  • Add tests for --ignore-tags option
  • Make sort order deterministic for equal timestamps
  • Fix bug #25 (Option to write output in chronologically ascending order) patch supplied by Reid Ellis <>
  • Fix bug #24 (Option to not print HH:MM on timestamps) patch supplied by Simon Josefsson <>
  • Remove shell magic #! (let perl insert it upon installation)
  • Fix bug #22 (spurious extra square brackets)
  • Fix bug #19 (carriage returns on windoze)
  • Fix bug #18 (malformed utf-8 warnings)
  • Fix bug #14 (Conflict with --accum and -D) patch based on code supplied by Claus Klein <>
  • Fix bug #11 (add '--tagdates' option) patch supplied by Henrik Nordstrom <>
  • Fix bug #8 (add '--delta' option) patch supplied by Nathan Bryant <>
  • Fix bug #5 (-W fails on argument '0')
  • Tweak eval line for fun & profit (and to make it work with perl -I lib cvs2cl)
  • Add fix for really long file names (so they don't get wrapped). This only works with later versions of Text::Wrap, unfortunately; specifically not with the version that comes in 5.005_03
  • Add fix for direcories called '0' containing multiple files Fix from Joachim Achtzehnter <>, also from Rich Bowen <>
  • Add --xml-encoding option (bug #17) based on code from Patrick Ficheux <>


produces GNU-style ChangeLogs in CVS working copies, by running "cvs log" and parsing the output. Shared log entries are unified in an intuitive way.


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tools for making makefiles with.