Changes for version 3.5.0

  • Official long-term stable release of Perl/CWB to accompany CWB v3.5.0.


Export existing sentence alignment from a CWB corpus
Import existing sentence alignment into a CWB corpus
Export existing aligned data from TMX for use with CWB.
Convert existing CWB corpus to UTF-8 encoding
Automated indexing and compression for CWB corpora
Materialize subcorpus as separately indexed corpus
A simple command-line editor for CWB registry files
Split CWB input data (.vrt) into multiple parts


Perl toolbox for the IMS Open Corpus Workbench
The Common Elementary Query Language for CQP front-ends
Deterministic Perl parser for simplified query languages
Typed strings with annotations (return values of DPP rules)
Interact with a CQP process running in the background
Perl tools for encoding and indexing CWB corpora


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