Changes for version 1.10

  • Version started at 2010-02-16-12:21. Released rc 1.09_01 as 1.10 stable.

Changes for version 1.09_01

  • Version started at 2010-02-09-09:56. Unrolled get()'s use of foreach_policy() for speed.
  • Reduces Cache::CacheFactory-induced overhead by ~60%. Fixed version numbers for policy modules.


Factory class for Cache::Cache and other modules.
Factory class for expiry policies for Cache::CacheFactory.
Base class for Cache::CacheFactory expiry policies.
File last-modified date dependencies expiry policy for Cache::CacheFactory.
Size-based expiry policy for Cache::CacheFactory.
Time-based expiry policy for Cache::CacheFactory.
the data stored in a Cache::CacheFactory cache.
Factory class for storage policies for Cache::CacheFactory.