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Changes for version 0.16 - 2015-02-02

  • commit 7490ed6222a762809707d4b10530098eaa61d8e8 Author: ktat <> Date: Sat Jan 31 16:35:21 2015 +0900
    • fix test for match. match returns hash ref.
  • commit b19e204f3f4f0493a9ee2f24e05317700f162fbd Author: ktat <> Date: Sat Jan 31 16:32:53 2015 +0900
    • change call argument from match_regex to match_similar for match_similar method


KyotoTycoon client library
Cursor class for KyotoTycoon
TSV-RPC client library
TSV-RPC parser


in lib/TSVRPC/