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Changes for version 0.03 - 2014-11-17

  • Fixed a minor bug. Think Moose Handles forces the Type to be isa Object

Changes for version 0.02_03

  • Added support for user schema
  • Added convience 'get_config' method for accessing app config in Store

Changes for version 0.02_02

  • CPAN updated because of a fudge the MANIFEST on 02_01, removed from repo now

Changes for version 0.02_01

  • Moved into ::ButMaintained for control
  • Full Moosification
  • Added missing quote_identifiers
  • Removed the redundant retreive code for user retrieval in from_session, now we call find_user here
  • Made the user class subclassable รก la DBIC
  • Made the store work with composite keys by serializing the initial auth_info clause
  • Added tests for roles t/20_session.t
  • find_user will now fall back to auth_info, but maintains user_key if it is set in conf
  • Added a ton of docs


Storage class for Catalyst Authentication using DBI
User object representing a database record