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Changes for version 0.28 - 2010-07-08

  • Upgrade the plugin for Catalyt 5.8 series
  • Changes for adopting MRO::compat where not complete. Calls to next::method instead of NEXT::...()
  • Change name of paths and compiled base class properties in Cat 5.8
  • Clone the result before serializing, as RPC::XML won't clone already seen refs (thanks t0m)
  • Fix the test suite (some tests were lost from 0.24->0.26)
  • Don't warn about the breakage of XML::RPC, as the author has already fixed the backcompat breakage


Using Catalyst as XMLRPC Server


Base Server plugin for RPC-able protocols
Catalyst XMLRPC Server Plugin


in lib/Catalyst/Plugin/
in lib/Catalyst/Plugin/
in lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Server/
in lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Server/
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