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Changes for version 1.14

  • Fix leaking context (RT124055, Charlie Garrison)
  • Fix warnings
  • Remove MYMETA from dist
  • Fix failing tests


Helper for DataLocalize models
Helper for Maketext models
Catalyst internationalisation (I18N) framework
Wrapper around Data::Localize
Wrapper around Locale::Maketext
Glues Locale::Maketext into Catalyst
Load all available roles
Basic catalyst I18N support
Support for localised collation
Support for I18N datetime
Tries to determine the current users locale
Support for maketext
Support for I18N number formating
Sets the POSIX locale
Adds various I18N methods to a Catalyst::Request object
Adds the Content-Language header to the Catalyst::Response object
Adds I18N filters and VMethods to a TT view
I18N Moose type constraints


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in lib/CatalystX/I18N/Model/
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