Changes for version 1.18 - 2023-08-28

  • Update dependency on PICA::Data 2.12


Package that exports PICA data
a binder that tracks changes in PICA records
a binder that loops over PICA fields
Conditionals on PICA fields
add new subfields to record
parse and append full PICA fields
reduce PICA record to selected fields
copy pica values of one field to a new field
change occurrence of PICA+ field
remove PICA (sub)fields
sets a new value to an existing subfield
change tag of PICA+ field
change or add a PICA (sub)field to a fixed value
Package that imports PICA+ data
Parse SRU response with PICA+ data into Catmandu PICA
Parse SRU response with PICA+ XML data (PPXML, a format variant of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) into Catmandu PICA
Catmandu modules for working with PICA+ data
Validate PICA+ records with an Avram Schema