CfgAliases -- a tool to help change you email /etc/aliases settings


This is a tool to help modify and keep your /etc/aliases file up to date.

Command Line Parameters

The parameters are a broken down into three categories:

Specifying groups, users, and people

--user, --group

Adding, changing, removing, or retrieving entries

--add, --delete, --fetch, --join, --remove, --rename, --set

Specifying Groups, Users, People

--user NAME

This specifies the user name.

--group NAME

This specifies the group name

Adding, Changing, Removing, or Retrieving Entries.

The following specify how to change various entries. Typically they can not be intermixed on the same command line. (Exceptions are noted.)


This will add the ADDRESS (user, group, etc.) to a mail group. The group must be specified with the --group option above.

--delete NAME

This will remove the mail alias(es) specified by NAME. It will also remove from any mail alias(es) (or groups) any member(s) that matches NAME. NAME may be a regular expression. (Can be used with --remove and --rename).

--fetch NAME

This will retrieve the list of recipients in the mail group NAME. If NAME is a regular expression, information will retrieved for every group that matches the pattern.

--join GROUP
--join GROUP1,GROUP2,...

The current or effective user will be added to a mail group(s). If no groups are specified with this option, it must be specified using the --group option above. Multiple --joins may be used on a command line.

--remove NAME

Like delete above, this will remove the mail group(s) specified by NAME. NAME may be a regular expression. (Can be used with --delete and --rename)


This will change all of the occurrences or references that match NAME-OLD to the newer form of NAME-NEW. This may be a group name, and / or members of a group. This may be a regular expression, similar to;


This will create a mail group called NAME with a set of specified members MEMBERS. (Can be used with --delete and --remove).



See Also

CfgTie::CfgArgs for more information on the standard parameters aliases(5) sendmail(8)



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