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Changes for version 0.4 - 2021-10-12

  • Faster engine start-up because macros are expanded for release
  • EPD parser
  • check for insufficient material
  • detect draw by repetition
  • detect draw by 50-moves-rule
  • enhanced move ordering
  • better performance
  • macros in releases are now expanded for faster startup time
  • new option "Batch" for sequential processing
  • new command "fen"
  • new command "evaluate"
  • new command "see MOVE"
  • use PeSTO evaluation function


An Introductory Tutorial to Chess Programming in Perl With Chess::Plisco


A comprehensive chess library for Perl
The Perl chess engine plisco
Plisco's search tee
Macros/inline functions for Chess::Plisco


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in lib/Chess/Plisco/EPD/
in lib/Chess/Plisco/Engine/
in lib/Chess/Plisco/Engine/
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