Changes for version 0.02 - 2021-05-03

  • Fixup top-level variables that are incorrectly mangled (gh#8, gh#9)
  • Remove test dependency on YAML (gh#9)
  • Drop support for Perl 5.20 (gh#9)


C-family abstract syntax tree output tool
Container class for XML output from CastXML
Base exception class for Clang::CastXML
Exception for when XML parsing fails
Exception for when the CastXML process fails
Exception for when we can't find the CastXML version
Exception for when castxml fails introspection
Exception for when the Clang::CastXML is fed rubbish
Find the CastXML executable, if available.
Lowish level wrapper around the CastXML binary
The result of a Clang::CastXML::Wrapper run