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Changes for version 0.03 - 2005-04-09

  • Added strict. Originally this was left out because of how many symbolic references there are, but adding it caught one accidental global. (Which could have led to an object having a longer life than expected.)
  • Removed an internal debugging hook (installed/_installed) that I used in development.
  • Thanks to a suggestion from Joshua Jore (diotalevi on perlmonks) I noticed that Module::Build has "traditional" that I can use instead of "passthrough", thereby removing the dependency that users have Module::Build installed.
  • Cleaned up the AUTOLOAD stuff. I find it bizarre that if I assign a typeglob to your classes AUTOLOAD, $AUTOLOAD is set in my class when that is called. Convenient, but bizarre.
  • I only need to call the original UNIVERSAL::can on a call to can, not to AUTOLOAD. (If you reach AUTOLOAD, you know that it will fail to find anything with the original UNIVERSAL::can.)
  • Removed use of no warnings. Together with the "traditional" change this should make my module work on Perl 5.005_04.
  • While I'm at it, use a backwards compatibility trick. This module now has a chance of working all of the way back to 5.003.
  • I had not duplicated all of Perl's message on missing methods. Improved compatibility and added tests.
  • Changed the order of testing for CAN and checking installed. The new order is likely to be slightly more efficient. Not that anything else about this module is efficient...


Make AUTOLOAD, can and inheritance cooperate.