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Changes for version 0.20 - 2006-05-07

  • Changed _add_error() to add_error() and documented it.
  • Bug fix: errors are now properly HTML escaped. Users may override the escaping via the new error_encoding() method.
  • Created mailing list and added a link to it in the docs.
  • Documented the term "virtual parameter".
  • Overrode CGI::Simple::new() to centralize initialization.
  • Added required() and is_required() methods.
  • Added add_missing() and is_missing_required() methods.
  • Handlers now have a base class (Class::CGI::Handler) with extensive support for required and virtual parameters.
  • Made the "ALPHA" designation much more prominent. Folks need to know that this is a work in progress which their production code should not rely on.


Fetch objects from your CGI object
Base class for Class::CGI handlers