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Changes for version 3.03

  • introduced creation of and splitting into .pm and .gs

Changes for version 3.03

  • Section::add() corrected. Duplicate lines should not occur now.
  • README changed
  • introduced a little more convenience in the perldoc template
  • Sat Dec 16 2000
    • archive functionality introduced for .pm and .gs files
  • Fri Dec 29 2000
    • In order to make 'make install' copy the .gs file as well, the files are named differently now:
      • old: and new: and
    • An available MANIFEST file is changed automatically now, if necessary. The archive()-function is not affected from this change.
    • $VERSION=1.00; and 1.00 in section VERSION of the perlpod skeleton are now automatically added.
    • Examples for associations started.


script that generates a class-module from a control file.


generates all get- and set-methods for new classes created by classgen.
script that generates a class-module from a control file.
To keep some nasty errors from users of classgen.
Creates the new() method for classes generated by classgen.
Identifies the diffferent sections from classgens control file.