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Changes for version 1.00 - 2008-05-26

  • ==> Changed internal storage of what's mixed in to what ... Previously would only 'remember' one method per class. Did away w/the constructed key as well. Now it's a hashref that's {srcClass}->{destClass} = [ {}, {}, ... ] where the array is an AoH with info (including symbol) on each mixin'd method.
  • DESTROY wasn't functional (multiple reasons) -- refactored to include bug fixes, and to support interal change.
  • Added t/mixin-to.t
  • Added t/mixin-from.t
  • Added t/boilerplate.t
  • added t/destroy-to.t
  • added t/destroy-from.t
  • added t/errors.t
  • added t/import.t
  • 90% coverage
  • pod updates (SYNOPSIS, "Desctructor" typo, HISTORY, AUTHOR, OVERVIEW, SYNOPSIS)
  • changed here-doc to q{} for style and hoping it resolves perl 5.10 test failures


API for aliasing methods to/from other classes