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Author image Alexandr Evstigneev

Changes for version 1.002

  • Fixed bug with lazy init flag, moved from closure to a hash.


Perl implementation of class properties.


in lib/Class/Property/RO.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RO/CustomGet.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RO/Lazy.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RW.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RW/Custom.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RW/CustomGet.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RW/CustomSet.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RW/Lazy.pm
in lib/Class/Property/RW/Lazy/CustomSet.pm
in lib/Class/Property/WO.pm
in lib/Class/Property/WO/CustomSet.pm