Revision history for Perl distribution Class-Singleton

1.6 2020-12-02

    - Fixed confusing Changes entry about Perl's licensing terms.
      [<>, CPAN RT#132843]

    - Added optional Changes testing (skipped unless AUTHOR_TESTING).

    - Reformatted Changes file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.

    - Added optional POD coverage testing (skipped unless AUTHOR_TESTING).

    - Added optional Perl::Critic testing (skipped unless AUTHOR_TESTING).

    - Made code Perl::Critic clean.

    - Added optional POD testing (skipped unless AUTHOR_TESTING).

    - Included GitHub repository URLs in metadata now that source code has been
      uploaded to GitHub (as of version 1.5).

    - Included META.json file in addition to META.yml.

    - Set minimum required ExtUtils::MakeMaker version to 6.64 to ensure that
      all parameters used are supported, to save jumping through hoops to
      support earlier versions.  (This should not be a problem since
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.64 is easily installed into Perl 5.8.1 and above,
      that being the whole point of the new choice of minimum supported Perl

    - Set minimum required Perl version to 5.8.1.  This is in line with the
      minimum requirement of the "Perl Toolchain".

    - Corrected typo in a comment.  [<>, CPAN RT#86336]

1.5 2014-11-07

    - Work around global destruction order issue.  [Craig Manley
      <>, CPAN RT#23568/68526]

1.4 2007-09-28

    - Added the has_instance() method to return an existing instance without
      creating a new one.

    - General cleanup of code, documentation and tests.

    - Changed licence from Perl Artistic to the same terms as Perl itself (i.e.
      Artistic 1.0 or GPL v1+).

1.03 1999-01-19

    - Incorporated patches from Andreas Koenig to inline calculation of
      $instance variable.  This results in a speedup of around 35%.

    - Added _new_instance() constructor which is called the first time
      _instance() is called.  This can be overloaded in derived classes to
      provide more specific object initialisation.

    - Updated documentation accordingly.

1.02 1998-04-16

    - Fixed minor typos and corrected example in documentation.

1.01 1998-02-10

    - Minor documentation changes

1.00 1998-02-10

    - Initial revision