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Changes for version 0.84.1 - 2018-04-14

  • Comments out IPC::Run test since failing on newer Perls
  • Updates copyright year


A base class providing config, locking, logging, and l10n
Configuration class with sensible attribute defaults
Additional configuration attributes for CLI programs
Definitions of constant values
Encryption / decryption functions
Decrypts / encrypts passwords from / to configuration files
Exception handling
Data loading and dumping
Globally accessible functions
Getopt::Long but simpler more powerful and flexible
The usage description for Getopt::Long::Descriptive
List / create / delete processes
Execute system commands
Localise text strings
Command line access to the IPC::SRLock methods
A simple flexible logging class
Command line processing
Re-composable support for command line programs
Response class for running external programs
Support for database schemas
Functions for date and time manipulation
Provides the DBIC connect info array ref
Handles the state of the debug flag
Localised logging and command line output methods
Methods for requesting command line input
Try and run a method catch and handle any exceptions
Untaints @ARGV before Getopts processes it
Help and diagnostic information for command line programs
Defines type constraints