Changes for version 0.021

  • Fix rt68650
  • Convert to Dist::Zilla


An easy-to-use and comprehensive named-color library
Color entry for a Color::Library color dictionary
Color dictionary for Color::Library
(HTML) Colors from the HTML 4.0 specification
(IE) Colors recognized by Internet Explorer
(Mozilla) Colors recognized by Mozilla (ColorNames.txt)
(NBS/ISCC Centroids) Centroids of the NBS/ISCC catalog
(NBS/ISCC A) Dye Colors
(NBS/ISCC B) Colour Terminology in Biology
(NBS/ISCC F) Colors; (for) Ready-Mixed Paints
(NBS/ISCC H) Horticultural Colour Charts
(NBS/ISCC M) Dictionary of Color
(NBS/ISCC P) Plochere Color System
(NBS/ISCC R) Color Standards and Color Nomenclature
(NBS/ISCC RC) Rock-Color Chart
(NBS/ISCC S) Postage-Stamp Color Names
(NBS/ISCC SC) Soil Color Charts
(NBS/ISCC TC) Standard Color Card of America
(Netscape) Colors recognized by Netscape
(SVG) Colors from the SVG specification
(Tango) The Tango color palette
(VACCC) VisiBone Anglo-Centric Color Code
(WWW) An alias of the SVG color dictionary
(Windows) Colors from the Windows system palette
(X11) Colors for the X11 Window System (rgb.txt)