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Changes for version 0.11 - 2023-06-08

    • Added `$finder->find_and_invoke_list` convenience
    • Print information about `[no-]` prefix for negatable options in `help` output
    • Optionally require that options all come before non-option arguments
    • Optionally allow bundling of single-letter boolean options
    • Convert hyphens in option names to underscores when inserting their value into the options hash
    • Support integer-type checking in options
    • Added various docs
    • Ensure that `$cinv->putback_tokens` escapes quotes


utilities for commandline-based programs
represent metadata for an invokable command
an interface for discovery of Commandable::Commands
find commands stored as methods with attributes
find commands stored per package
find commands stored as subs with attributes
represents one invocation of a CLI command
abstractions for printing output from commands


in lib/Commandable/Finder/SubAttributes/