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Changes for version 0.10 - 2005-11-06

  • there are no changes to the Config::Context itself in this release. The only changes are to the test suite.
  • this version should pass all its tests under Cygwin and native Windows
  • fixed test failures when running the distribution on a remote filesystem where the timestamp of created files cannot be changed to the current time
  • fixed problem in one of the tests that loaded a writable Config::Scoped file under windows
  • fixed warnings about test XML files not having explicit character encodings (in newer versions of SAX::Parser::PurePerl)
  • fixed a test error in includes.t that made it fail on case-insensitive filesystems
  • fixed test failures on some platforms where Cwd::abs_path fails on a non-existent file
  • fixed some bugs in file-caching.t
    • in test "Modify before (short) statconfig: Caching ON: objects identical"
      • wrong configs were being compared
      • cleared the config cache before test
  • fixed warning in includes.t when tests are run without Config::General installed
  • changed misc/ to misc/
  • changed t/skip_lib to t/prereq_scenarios


Add < <Location >> and < <LocationMatch >> style context matching to hierarchical configfile formats such as Config::General, XML::Simple and Config::Scoped
Use Config::General (Apache-style) config files with Config::Context
Use Config::Scoped config files with Config::Context
Use XML-based config files with Config::Context


in lib/Config/Context/