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Changes for version 2.023 - 2022-01-07

  • Model update:
    • add use_backend_argument_as_config_file parameter in Application
  • Bug fix:
    • delete files of deleted models
  • Misc:
    • itself test requires Config::Model 2.142


Configuration class Itself::Class
Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::Assert
Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch
Configuration class Itself::ConfigAccept
Configuration class Itself::ConfigReadWrite
Configuration class Itself::ConfigReadWrite::DefaultLayer
Configuration class Itself::Element
Configuration class Itself::WarpValue


Work on the configuration model of an application
Model (or schema) editor for Config::Model
Detect available read/write backends usable by config models


in wr_root/load_write_itself/lib/Config/Model/
in wr_root/load_write_itself/lib/Config/Model/Itself/
in lib/Config/Model/Itself/
in wr_root/load_write_itself/lib/Config/Model/Itself/