Changes for version 0.32

  • Fix for Windows false positive test failures, only tested against Strawberry Perl (RT #96002)
  • Module code unchanged

Changes for version 0.31_3

  • Final prep for 0.31

Changes for version 0.31_2

  • Fix for RT #95343, where Perl 5.19.x appears to change behaviour and additional pre-checks are required to detect "self" calls.

Changes for version 0.31_1

  • Minumum version of Perl 5.10 as I nolonger have access to older perls
  • Build/test fixes
  • More tests
  • Switched to SVN from CVS
  • Added example code
  • Added rudimentory Module::Build built Makefile.PL
  • Changes to test auto-detection and skip rules (thanks to Corion)
  • Module code unchanged


Very simple tool for reading and writing very simple Storable configuration files