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Author image Ludovico Stevens

Changes for version 1.05 - 2020-11-14

  • Update to PassportERS VOSS error patterns
  • Update to BaystackERS error patterns
  • Was not locking correctly onto BaystackERS CLI prompts with the TACACS suffix "<level-XX>"
  • Was not setting 'is_voss' attribute on new 5520 switches in VOSS persona
  • Attributes 'oob_ip' and 'is_oob_connected' were not getting set with the new VSP segmented management stack introduced in VOSS8.2
  • Detection of attributes 'is_slx_r' was giving uninitialized value errors on SLX versions 20 and above as the "r" is now omitted from the version going forward. Attribute 'is_slx_r' will still be set as SLX versions beyond 20 are implied to be SLX-R code stream


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