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Author image Ludovico Stevens

Changes for version 1.07 - 2022-08-28

  • Changes to correctly detect FabricEngine Universal Hardware VOSS and set "is_voss" attribute
  • Changes to correctly detect SwitchEngine Universal Hardware EXOS 31.7 and set "sw_version" attribute
  • Fix to correctly set "fw_version" attribute on EXOS when both a Default and Alternate version are reported
  • Methods cmdPrivExec() and cmdConfig() in some cases would return $ok true and an undefined $outputref which goes against what was documented: Arguments after $ok will only be defined if $ok is true(1)
  • Methods cmdPrivExec() and cmdConfig() now have logic (using Control::CLI internal WRITEFLAG) to detect if the last_prompt & config_context values might be stale, in which case a fresh prompt is collected before proceeding. WRITEFLAG is introduced in Control::CLI version 2.11 and this functionality change will only work with that version of Control::CLI or later, but does not otherwise make this module incompatible with older versions of Control::CLI
  • Slot/Port detection changed to cater for new EXOS 5720 channelized ports on standalone units
  • PassportERS NNCLI more prompt adjusted, as the more prompt used by VOSS on command syntax is slightly different, without the space characters


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