Changes for version 1.8 - 2020-12-17

  • no bugfixes in this release due to lack of known bugs, but the major changes in this release might have introduced new bugs, so watch out.
  • update large decoder example to disable OPT_AUTOCHK and use Smerge -1.
  • some micro-optimisations.
  • avoid costly string comparisons by comparing hashes when isnerting items, which speeds up insertion by a constant factor.
  • improve uulist (and other) structure layout and size.
  • reverse the order of file list items, which heuristically improves match speed with large usenet file lists.
  • use getc instead of fgetc, which makes no difference on gnu/linux.
  • clean up _FP symbol names toi not start with an underscore.
  • use feof_unlocked and ferror_unlocked.
  • implement a faster ascii-only strnicmp.
  • misc very minor code improvements.
  • remove quite a bit of pre-posix/dos/etc. cruft.
  • use flockfile, if available, for a potential but small speed gain.
  • speed up inner yenc decoder loop.
  • kentnl said that this module should no longer claim to be a simple interface to uulib, as the bunndled copy is now better maintained than the original upstream library.


decode uu/xx/b64/mime/yenc/etc-encoded data from a massive number of files