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Changes for version 0.0013 - 2012-06-07

  • documentation spelling / wording / formatting updates; verion 0.0012 includes incorrect/confusing -explanation of subclasses write_from_memory and copy_local_files -the two subclasses has default overwrite, and only acts on the destination if -is_fd on said destination returns 'f' or 'pd'. -in case of 'f', methods overwrites the existing file -in case of 'pd', methods renames the basename of original file to the destination name -this behavior is modeled after CopyTree:VendorProof::LocalFileOp, whose code has -not changed from version 0.0011 to 0.0013 (only documentation did)
  • this version changed involked review on modules SharePoint::SOAPHandler and Livelink::DAV
  • rookie mistake / oversight
  • contains no code changes (none since version 0.0011)


Perl extension for generic copying. This module's intented purpose is to facilitate file / dir copies between different types of remote systems that frequently use very different syntax for similar functions. For example, Microsoft SharePoint's SOAP protocols and the Opentext Livelink's WebDAV protocols both support copy functions, but it is tedious to automate the movement of Livelink files into a SharePoint site.