Extract, format, classify and annote events identified by CRAC.
Generate Crac's summary from SAM file
a script to outline % locations per library


A set of tools designed to extract data from CRAC's SAM files and to provide annotations.
Generic annotation base on CracTools::GFF::Query::File
CracTools App::Cmd
base class for cractools commands
Full Perl BitVector implementation
Manage and access CracTools configuration file
Constants for the CracTools-core
Parse GFF lines.
A bit vector mask over the whole genome
Store and query genomics intervals.
Acts like CracTools::Interval::Query but read interval from files and return lines of the file matching the query.
A module to manage CracTools output files.
An easy to use tool to read files in SAM format.
The object for manipulation a SAM line.
A set of useful functions