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Changes for version 0.04 - 2008-10-22

  • LWPCompat now overrides configure so http_configure in Net::HTTP::Methods gets called correctly.
  • LWPCompat now also sets $Net::HTTPS::SSL_SOCKET_CLASS for you on import.
  • Net::NSS::SSL now has a $DefaultURL global that can be set to override default behavior of setting verification URL to what PeerHost says.
  • Now really supports verification hooks. Also a "built-in-ignore" hook exists to skip verification.
  • Read now sets passed buffer to an empty string if 0 bytes was read instead of to undefined.



Perl bindings to NSS (Netscape Security Services)
X.509 certificate and related fuctions
Constants used by NSS
Functions needed for communicating with PKCS#11 cryptographic modules
Represents a physical or logical PKCS#11 slot.
Generic SSL functions from NSS
SSL sockets using NSS
Wrapper for Net::NSS::SSL to make it LWP compatible