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Changes for version 0.08 - 2023-11-27

  • Legacy Notice
    • OpenSSL version 3 considers Blowfish to be a legacy encryption method. Users of this module (if any) need to consider moving to other encryption methods.
  • Compatibility Notice
    • This version maintains compatibility with the older versions. However, this is not fully compatible with openssl's bf-ecb cipher. See the documentation relating to how to use the compatible version.
  • Significant rewrite since 0.02
    • OpenSSL 3 has deprecated the use of low-level functions.
    • Update to use OpenSSL v3 EVP_ api for openssl >= 3.0.0
    • Significant changes to the module while retaining compatibity with the previous versions. As Blowfish is now outdated and considered legacy by OpenSSL this rewrite was done out of interest not necessity.
  • Detailed Change Log
    • 5ae4ef9 Move to lib dir to properly update provides
    • aa28a27 v0.07


Blowfish Algorithm using OpenSSL