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Changes for version 0.13

  • . Add support file name in bind_param for blob column, user can specify 'file name' as input parameter, and DBMaker will store the file's content into blob column. User can use $sth->{dbmaker_file2blob}= 0 to turn off this option. Default is on. . Add $sth->func($colno, $prefix_filename, BindColToFile) for user to specify output column to a file, the output file will be named starting by $prefix_filename and the following file will append a sequential number starting from 1. The existing file with same file name will not be overwritten. . Rename dbh->tables() to dbh->table_info() . Fix return error when fetch boundary float/double value . Ignore warning return in sth->execute() will close statement which result in next execute fail . Add warning for commit() when AutoCommit on . support bind_param_inout . Add ODBC catalog functions based on DBD-ODBC 0.20, 0.21 SQLGetInfo,SQLGetTypeInfo,SQLColAttributes, SQLGetFunctions,SQLColumns,SQLStatistics,SQLPrimaryKeys, SQLForeignKeys
  • 0.12a Jun 30, 1999 Support DBMaker 3.5;


DBD driver to access DBMaker database