Changes for version 3.17.0

  • New database handle attribute pg_skip_deallocate Prevents any deallocation of automatically prepared statements to support new pgBouncer feature
    • Greg Sabino Mullane
  • Fix to handle escaped quotes in connection string
    • Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker
  • Return number of affected rows from a MERGE command
    • Greg Sabino Mullane
      • (Github issue #118)
  • Add support for Github CI actions
    • Gábor Szabó
      • (Github pull request #115)
  • Remove undocumented internal-only pg_pid_number attribute
    • Greg Sabino Mullane
      • (Github issue #102)
  • Small warning in docs about PG_CHAR
    • Greg Sabino Mullane
      • (Github issue #103)


PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module
A bundle to install all DBD::Pg related modules