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Changes for version 0.005 - 2013-01-01

  • Support for auto-increment primary key columns added.
  • One can now configure if for a self-reference, new root nodes should have NULL or their own primary key value as the value for the column referencing the parent record.
  • The generated test data can now be dumped to a csv file with bulk inserts in mind.
  • Fixes in license information and documentation.
  • Another bigger refactoring: The old TableProbe class was way too big. It has been replaced by smaller classes with definite responsibilities.


Automatic test data creation, cross DBMS
determines DBIx information and database metadata
Defines DBIx::Class schemata using DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader
foreign key constraint information
incrementing constrained columns
query database and handle SQL commands
Helper class enabling random selections
tree builder, used internally to handle self-references in the target table
unique constraint information