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Changes for version 0.23

  • Make unbound_version() a regular XSUB rather than a constant. This avoids the need to recompile perlcc-compiled binaries when updating Unbound.


libunbound in Perl
DNS::Unbound for AnyEvent
DNS::Unbound for IO::Async
DNS::Unbound for Mojolicious


in lib/DNS/Unbound/AsyncQuery/AnyEventXSPromises.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/AsyncQuery/MojoPromise.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/AsyncQuery/PromiseES6.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/AsyncQuery/PromiseXS.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/EventLoopBase.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/FDFHStorer.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/X.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/X/BadDebugFD.pm
in lib/DNS/Unbound/X/Base.pm