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Changes for version 0.1 - 2016-02-14

  • Updating for release of version 0.1 Added missing JSON::XS dependency (Ivan Wills) Added actions dependency and updated version minimum (Ivan Wills) Updated date (Ivan Wills) Only showing diagnostics on error (Ivan Wills) Added missing documentation (Ivan Wills) Moved setting scripts to end of document (for better performance) (Ivan Wills) Added pushing any class specified onto the element class (Ivan Wills) Added some commandline docs (Ivan Wills) Added protection for JSON having an error (Ivan Wills) Fixed unused argument (Ivan Wills) Added test of blocks (Ivan Wills) Fixed incorrect method call (Ivan Wills) Updated to extend actions and make the default get_data return data unmodified (Ivan Wills) Set Block as default action class (Ivan Wills) Added protection for change in type from child to parent (Ivan Wills) Added json output (Ivan Wills) Added eval for check that may harmlessly fail (Ivan Wills)


Generate static html from BEM data


A Perl implementation of BEM
The base module for custom BEM block handlers
An example BEM block handler
An instance of a BEM script
Merge algorithm that merges arrays (not appending them)