Changes for version 0.58 - 2019-08-28

  • fix filter expressions containing newlines [reported by David Schmidt]
  • fix quote escaping (please check your edge cases) [Igor Sverdlov]
  • replace List::MoreUtil with List::Util [Dan Book, Igor Sverdlov]
  • doc cleanup [Kivanc Yazan]
  • 'idx' attribute added in 0.56 was not added to Data::DPath::Attrs, so didn't acquire an accessor [Diab Jerius]


DPath is not XPath!
Abstraction for internal attributes attached to a point
Abstraction for a current context that enables incremental searches
Magic functions available inside filter conditions
Abstraction for a DPath
Abstraction for a single reference (a "point") in the datastructure
Abstraction for a single Step through a Path


in lib/Data/DPath/