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Changes for version 0.0405 - 2015-07-26

  • Adapted for deprecation of defined(@foo)
  • Removed underscores from version numbers to please PAUSE.

Changes for version 0.04_04 - 2008-05-31

  • Implemented some optimalizations:
  • Caching of feature names expansions
  • Factored out format checking from a regexp to a hash Factored out adding a label to a feature to a subroutine. Moved the documentation beyond the code. Changed the minor version numbering from -rX to _XX.
  • 0.04-r3 2008-03-10 t/01-translate.t: Replaced the "qw(YY)x5" construct which seemed to produce a syntax error on perl 5.6
  • 0.04-r2 2008-03-08 Lifted requirements on test scripts so they don't place additional dependencies for the distro (List::MoreUtils, File::Temp >= 0.17)
  • 0.04-r1 2008-03-06 Expanded the documentation, fixed a memory leak caused by use of List::MoreUtils::each_array


evaluate features normally or numerically


in lib/Data/