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Changes for version 0.21 - 2020-10-29

  • Add GitHub Actions #38
  • Support DBD::MariaDB #39
  • Fork safety #40

Changes for version 0.21 - 2020-10-29


Simple, transparent data interface, with caching
base class for modeled objects
parent class for caching object drivers
object driver for caching objects in Apache's request space
object driver for caching objects with memcached
base class for database drivers
Oracle Driver for Data::ObjectDriver
Search thru partitioned objects without the partition_key
Multiplex multiple partitioned drivers
base class for partitioned object drivers
basic partitioned object driver
container class for common database error codes
Manage a DB query
an SQL statement


in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/BaseView.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/Cache/Cache.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/Cache/RAM.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/DBD/MariaDB.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/DBD/Oracle.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/DBD/Pg.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/DBD/mysql.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/DBI.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/GearmanDBI.pm
in lib/Data/ObjectDriver/Iterator.pm