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Changes for version 4.030

  • Fixed bug
    • fixed: example code showing up in the pause index.


Guide for Data::Range::Compare::Stream
DateTime Howto for Data::Range::Compare::Stream
IPV4 Howto for Data::Range::Compare::Stream
HowTo Consolidate Dupplicate, Overlapping, and Adjacent ranges
HOW TO Change the Parser Functionality
Doc on how to build file result iterators


Compute intersections of Ranges with Iterators
Dynamic compare support plugin
Constants Export module
Compares results overlapping and duplicate ranges
Consolidates overlapping and duplicate ranges
Consolidates Adjacent, Duplicate and Overlapping ranges
iterator for Pre Consolidated/Sorted files
Post Consolidation Iterator used to fill gaps
Consolidates by moving overlaps to new columns
Range Compare Consolidate Result Object
On Disk Merge Sort for really big data sets!
Walk many iterators with one interface
Result Objects Base class
Low level sort functions