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Changes for version 0.021 - 2024-05-02

  • Use ->table_search_results->{...}{row} instead of {row_idx}
  • Allow initializing TableReader 'fields' attribute with Field objects (had only been allowing strings and hashrefs)
  • Decoder::Mock now correctly handles empty tables (no rows)


Extract records from "dirty" tabular data sources
Base class for table decoders
Access rows of a comma-delimited text file
Access rows of a badly formatted comma-delimited text file
Decoder that returns supplied data without decoding anything
Base class for implementing spreadsheet decoders
Access rows of a tab-delimited text file
Access sheets/rows of a Microsoft Excel '97 workbook
Access sheets/rows of a modern Microsoft Excel workbook
Field specification for Data::TableReader
Base class for iterators (blessed coderefs)