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Changes for version 0.04 - 2012-07-15

  • #78102: Fix the 'options' and 'type' constraints [George Hartzell] They previously did not call fail_constraint, and thus never actually failed.
  • #77654: Allow 'required' constraint on leafs to pass with '0'.


Easy validation and transformation of scalar tree structures
A branch of tree validation
A collection of constraints for validating data
Represents a single leaf node in the validation tree specification
Represents a node in the validation tree specification
A branch that can have its input repeated multiple times
Role specifying the result of processing
Contains the result of processing a branch
The result of processing a leaf node
Returns the result of processing a repeating branch
Syntatic sugar for easily creating tree validators
Common data transformations
Internal data types used by Data::TreeValidator
Helpful utilities for working with tree validators


in lib/Data/TreeValidator/