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Changes for version 0.08 - 2023-12-01

  • Fix Catalyst::Controller::SimpleCAS adaptor to accept 'simplecas' attribute
  • Standardize on 'cas' attribute for sub-objects:
    • VirtualHandle attribute '_cas' => 'cas'
    • File attribute 'store' => 'cas' (but keep old names as aliases, for back-compat)
  • Avoid undef exceptions during global destruction if cas object gets freed before sub-objects.


Abstract base class for Content Addressable Storage
Moo Role providing compatibility for Catalyst::Controller::SimpleCAS
Object returned by DataStore::CAS describing a CAS entry
Handle-emulation object used for writing content into a CAS
Simple file/directory based CAS implementation
In-memory CAS for debugging and testing
Handy base class for virtual filehandles


in lib/DataStore/
in lib/DataStore/
in lib/DataStore/CAS/
in lib/DataStore/