Changes for version 0.60

  • Deleted DATELASTMODCFG environment variable from module
  • Added DLMUPCFG environment variable to dlmup
  • Added SQLite driver (tested with SQLite V2.8.0)
  • Includes sqlite-2.8.0-os.h.patch to patch DBD::SQLite os.h so it will compile under Cygwin with gcc V2.95.3
  • "make test" now calls "perl" to test dlmup if module tests all ran OK
  • Added "SQL92" pseudo-entry for DBI that should have the correct syntax for SQL92-compliant databases like Oracle9i
  • Started changes for testing any two databases -- code still should only work for Oracle and MySQL for now
  • Fixed MANIFEST so that all necessary files are present
  • Added TODO
  • Updated email for home email address
  • NOTE: UNTESTED on Oracle and MySQL as I don't have those databases loaded at home


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