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Changes for version 1.000012 - 2013-03-22

  • Peter Vereshagin <>
    • Avoid build on ms-windows and other fixes
      • Ticket: 97 (bfe4e01a-8c9a-40b5-bda4-3f1739637231)
        • Perl6::Slurp unmet dependency for 'no backslashes in markdown' test: "Can't locate Perl6/ in @INC"
          • Perl6::Slurp is no more required for 'xt/author/10-mkdn-no-backslashes.t' test as it skips test if the module isn't found;
          • Removed dependency from:
            • Makefile.PL
            • Build.PL .
      • Ticket: 106 (d325fed4-72a7-4896-943c-6b99ef1f3bb8)
        • Mention running under tmux in the docs: "failed to connect to
      • server: Connection refused" if tmux was not found
        • Description section was added with Tmux dependency.
        • Configuration and environment section was added that if use Debug::Fork::Tmux outside tmux then the command line parameters
      • may point to the right tmux server and session.
      • Ticket: 109 (0604acf5-45ac-4912-9e0d-e641af1ba5ca)
        • Added tmux version requirement into Description of the POD: "tmux:
      • unknown option -- F" for Tmux version < 1.6.
      • Ticket: 126 (a9ccd0f6-2fc1-4ef4-a98b-92702f90cf09)
        • Add perl-debugger links to POD
          • Added to the 'See Also' section of the POD:
            • nntp://
      • Ticket: 134 (bb9900f5-8092-4101-8e13-0cf80f2e2955)
        • format diags
          • Formatted error messages in the Diagnostics section in the POD
      • with C<>.
      • Ticket: 136 (c473ead6-7a08-4cb5-bc98-93cae79bc4e3)
        • ms-windows avoid build and install
          • mentioned ms-windows as a (restricted) dependency in the meta info
      • so build for this platform shall be avoided.
        • Devel::AssertOS included itself into inc/



Makes fork() in debugger to open a new Tmux window
Configuration system for Debug::Fork::Tmux