Changes for version 0.016

  • Change shebang line of deziapp tool to /usr/bin/perl so that CPAN will localize on install.


command-line interface for Dezi


document aggregation base class
index DB records
crawl a filesystem
crawl a mail box
crawl a filesystem of email messages
web aggregator
spider user agent
build Dezi search applications
command-line interface to Dezi::App
simple in-memory cache class
base indexer class
read/write Indexer config files
Document object class for passing to Dezi::Indexer
base class for Dezi inverted indexes
read/write InvIndex metadata
Dezi Apache Lucy backend
Dezi::App Apache Lucy indexer
Swish3 Apache Lucy invindex
search result for Dezi::Lucy::Results
search results for Dezi::Lucy::Searcher
Dezi Apache Lucy Searcher
simple in-memory FIFO queue class
filename mangler
abstract result class
base results class
common attributes for Dezi classes
base searcher class
options for the Dezi::Searcher->search method
test Document class for Dezi::Test::Result
test indexer class
test in-memory invindex
test result class
test results class
test searcher class
Type::Tiny constraints for Dezi::App components
utility variables and methods


in lib/Dezi/Test/