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Changes for version v0.9.0 - 2015-10-26

  • `abort` method now throws an exception of class `Dist::Zilla::Role::ErrorLogger::Exception::Abort`, not just string. Being stringified, an exception object returns "Aborting...\n", so visually result would be the same. However, tests checking the exception should be updated.
  • `abort_if_error` renamed to `abort_if_errors`. Original method name is kept as an alias.
  • Test code simplified a bit: `run_me` used instead of more generic `run_tests`, `ErrorLoggerTester` role inlined into the test. Helper plugin moved to `t/lib/` directory to separate tests from supporting modules.


Have error logging capabilities in your Dist::Zilla plugin


in lib/Dist/Zilla/Role/