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Changes for version 0.20 - 2018-03-17

  • Refactored to use XML::Rabbits and models


API Client for Dell's management interface (iDRAC)
Information about a CPU
Information about a RAID controller
A sensor returning arbitrary data
Information about a memory stick
Network Interface Card
Return information about a power supply
Hardware info about power supply in slot
Model for Remot Access Controller log entry
Sensors that can trigger warnings
Return information about VFlash slot
Return information about a video card
Information about a DRAC Card
Return information about the LCD screen
Return some information about software
Return the status of all batteries present on the system
Return a list and status of all fans in the system
Return the status of all redundancy policy for fans
Return the full hardware and software inventory of the system
Return the status of intrusion sensors
Return the status of all power supplies
Return all log entries of the Remote Access Controller (RAC)
Return the reading of all temperature sensors
Return the reading of all voltages sensors


in lib/DracPerl/
in lib/DracPerl/Factories/
in lib/DracPerl/Factories/
in lib/DracPerl/Models/