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Changes for version 0.34

  • Fixed a bug in E2::Interface::extract_cookies: either HTTP::Cookies or e2's server is unreliable as to whether is structures the cookie as 'userpass="...";' or 'userpass=...;'. I believe this hit me before, so I switched from one to the other--now I realize it needs to cover both.
  • I think I finally found a usable workaround for the issue of E2 not escaping titles. E2::Interface:: post_process now escapes all '<', '>', and '&' between "<e2link .*?>" and "</e2link>".


Load client version information from
A module for fetching, accessing, and manipulating e2nodes on
A client interface to the collaborative database
A module for accessing Everything2 messages
A module for loading nodes from based on title or node_id
A module for loading rooms on
A module for loading and setting a user's E2 Scratch Pad.
A module for searching for nodes on
Load session information about the current E2 user
A module for fetching data and manipulating e2nodes on
A module for fetching's tickers.
A module for loading user data and sorting and listing a user's writeups
A module for listing and sorting a user's writeups
A module for loading usergroup lists from
A module for accessing, updating, and cooling writeups.