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Changes for version 1.21 - 2013-03-05

  • Applies rjbs' patch to uses EMK's kit_reader to read files, instead of chdir.
  • "Changing to the kit dir before rendering is a bit of a dirty hack, but it works... as long as the kit's kitreader is Dir. If you're using something more complicated, like KitReader::SWAK, it doesn't actually help.
  • Instead of doing that, this commit adds a mixin to the micromason object, converting its reads of files-by-name into reads of kit contents.
  • Admittedly, the way that the renderer is shoved into the mason object is also a dirty hack, but presumably it's one that can be corrected by someone more familiar with how micromason mixins are meant to work."


Render parts of your mail with Text::MicroMason


in lib/Email/MIME/Kit/Renderer/